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Centre Name : Don Bosco Tech - Harmutty
Domain : Sewing Machine Operator
Employer : Shahi Export Pvt Ltd.
Designation :  

Aorti Orang, an 18 years old bright girl, belongs from a small village called Merbil, located in Harmutty in North Lakhimpur District of Assam. Her childhood is filled with pain, sorrow and torture. She lives with her father, Mr. Bikash, step mother, 3 real siblings and 3 step siblings. Her mother passed away when she was just 10 years old due to continuous torture by her father. Soon, her father married her step mother, who does not care at all about her and her siblings from her own mother.  Her father is the only bread winner and had a very little access to her father income. Life was not easy for Aorti and being the eldest amongst her brother and sister as well as with the ill-treatments by her step mother, she had to take the responsibility to earn and feed her younger ones. Eventually, she also had to discontinue her studies after class seven.
It was during one of her struggling days, when her friends from her school days approached her and told her about Don Bosco Tech and the skills training programme and placement opportunity. Her friends, who are working and earning well in the city and other states after they successfully completing the training, inspired and motivated her with their success stories. She realised that her fate too can be changed if and only she gets the very opportunity as her friends. 
Without wasting further any more time, she visited Don Bosco Tech located in Harmutty, took the mandatory interest inventory test, and after thorough counselling and brief orientation about the programme, she got herself enrolled in ISMO domain. After the training programme Aorti wanted to get a decent job with good salary that would help her to support her younger ones to complete their studies and also dream to set up her own business in her hometown and become a successful entrepreneur.

During the training programme, she learned various techniques of stitching, cutting, measurement, other helpful skills, computer knowledge and English classes. As a person, Aorti is very hardworking and is diligent towards her studies and assessments that helped her to grow not only as a qualified professional but also as an individual. She was also thoroughly groomed, that helped her become confident and bold. 
Aorti father supported and encouraged her to complete the training programme. Finally, after three months of intensive training and struggles, she completed her training in ISMO domain in flying colour. In the placement course organized by Don Bosco Tech, she secured a job in Shahi Export Pvt Ltd., Bangalore with the monthly remuneration of Rs. 7200/- 
She faced some time to adjust to the new place and venture but it did not deter her to look forward for her new job and challenges. In few month time after she joined Shahi Exports Pvt. Ltd., she started sending some amount from her salary to her younger siblings and also saved some to build her dream in the future.
At this moment, Aorti is not only brave and confident but is also successful and happy. Aorti, as she testifies said, “Today I am strong and content with my job and life. I am very grateful to Don Bosco Tech, my trainers and fellow trainees as well as my father for supporting and guiding when I needed the most. I am looking forward to achieve my dream.”