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Centre Name : Don Bosco Tech - Makroniya
Domain : Sewing Machine Operator
Employer : Fashion Boutique
Designation : Sewing Machine Operator

Mithlesh Patel resides in a village near Sagar district of Madhya Pradesh. She could not be able to complete her higher studies due to financial condition of her family. She got married in very early age.

One fine day, when the moblizers were on the Mobilization activity, Mithlesh was introduced to the free three months skill training program in Don Bosco Tech (Macronia) and encouraged her to take admission for her better future. Mithlesh came to the centre and enrolled in the Sewing Machine Operator course as per her interest.

During the training, she studied very avidly and always wanted to learn something new every day. After training in Don Bosco Tech (Macronia), she is now able to sew every kind of clothes with new design keeping the recent fashion trends in mind also she is happy with her training.

After the training, Don Bosco Tech provides her chance to interview in a fashion boutique. She performs well and hired by the employer. She is thankful to Don Bosco Tech as she got employment due to this training and got an opportunity to move forward in her life.