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Centre Name : Don Bosco Tech - Jowai
Domain : Auto Service Technician(two and three wheelers)
Employer : 7500 per month
Designation :  Motor Mechanic

Benedic Suchiang comes from a small village called Lum-Myrli in East Jaintia hills district Meghalaya. He is the older of the two siblings. After the divorce of his parents lots of problem overshadowed his family, as there was no one to assist and support his studies and family. He left home and stayed with his maternal grandmother. After loads of hardship and struggle he somehow managed to complete his matriculation but could not continue further in studies due to financial constraints.
It was during this distressing phase of his life that he came across the advertisement of DB Tech about the skills training opportunity. He was very happy to get the information about the job oriented free course training at Bosco Pnar, Jowai. With the permission from his mother and blessing from grandmother he enrolled himself for the training in the Motor Mechanic domain under MSSDS project.   
He said, “The training was very useful and exciting.” He found it very interesting to learn new things every day. During the training, besides the domain specific knowledge he gained practical knowledge of English, life skills and had a happy experience in the residential facility. His confidence and personality too developed moulding him into a bright and zealous young man. He said, “I did not realise how the time went by because every day I woke up to learn new things and each day the schedule was so full that I had no time to get distracted.”
After the successful completion of his training, he appeared an interview at Marikar Motor Ltd, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. When he finally got the job offer, his joy knew no bounds and shared the good news to his mother and grandmother, who encouraged him and wished him well during the entire time of his training. He was offered a monthly salary of Rs. 7500 per month. He reached his new workplace in Kerala with positive mind to work and support his family. He is happy with this opportunity for training and earning. He said, “Struggle is the key to success. I want to give my ‘Best’ wherever I will be; this is his personal attitude towards his job.”