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Centre Name : Don Bosco Tech - Umran
Domain : Housekeeping Attendant (Manual Cleaning)
Employer : WeWork Symbiosis, TCFM
Designation : Housekeeping Trainee

“To Be Successful; One Must Work Ward and Work Smart”

Evanisha Syiemlieh, completed 60-day training in Housekeeping Attendant (Manual Cleaning) from Rural Resource and Training Centre (RRTC), Umran, Ri-Bhoi district of Meghalaya and is currently working at WeWork Symbiosis, TCFM as a Housekeeping Trainee and earning a monthly stipend of Rs12,000/- with free food and accommodation.

Evanisha was born on April 15, 1995, in Umjarasi village of Nongpoh, Ri-Bhoi district of Meghalaya. She has two brothers and three sisters. She lives with her mother and siblings. In the year 2014, when her father passed away, it was the beginning of the family problem. She had just completed her 9th standard and could not continue her studies when the breadwinner of the house was no more. How come she be so cool when the family is in dire in need of financial support. Chasing the dream Evanisha came to Delhi to make a career in Beauty and Care. She enrolled for the program which was for seven months. On completion, she came back to her native place to launch a Beauty parlor.

Sound finance is the basis to ‘be your own boss’. Penniless Evanisha could not chase her dream to start a Beauty Parlour. In the end, she put her hands into the mother’s beetle nut business. In this way, she was going on with her life. It was until when her friend informed her about the skill training program at Don Bosco Tech Society and asked her to visit any one of the centers in Shillong. Taking friend’s advice into heed she visited RRTC. Upon arrival at the center, she was counseled by the trainers who after evaluating her interests helped to decide to enroll for Housekeeping Manual Cleaning Attendant Service under the SHCDM Project_Umran Centre_Housekeeping _Batch-02. 

The initial training period was not like a bed of rose as she lacked confidence. Training in Bosco Plus (Dance, Theatrical program, etc.) and Life Skills helped her journey into her inner self. She overcame, though not all of a sudden, her shortcomings, emerged victoriously. She became confident and was able to communicate well by the end of three-month training. Training in domain, Bosco Plus, and Life Skills helped her get through an interview, and was hired to work for WeWork TCFM, Bangalore.

When Evanisha got through the interview, she was ecstatic and her joy knew no bounds. She thanked the Almighty profusely for showering His blessings upon her. And she also thanked the trainers for mentoring to be what she is today.

“I am thankful to Don Bosco Tech Society for the opportunity and the beloved teachers who helped me, shaped me, formed me, and above lifted me stand on my own feet. It’s because of them I am what I am and able to face the challenges in life,” said Evanisha Syiemlieh.

Don Bosco Tech Society wishes her all the success in life.