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Centre Name : Don Bosco Tech - Oodlabari
Domain : Helper Electrician
Employer : Hotel Ravi Residency
Designation : Technician

“To be something not only dreams work but also doing specific things.” says Roshan as he shares in the counselling. As per his opinion, the world has been very specific and challenging as well as very competitive and demanding. Certainly it is true about what he thinks and opines. Roshan Bhujel hails from the remote tea garden, a very remote area named Putherjhora in Jalpaiguri. For several months he stayed dull without having any job or training. He had taken admission at the local government college for graduation. It was fine but due to several problems his studies were very irregular. The very reason behind this irregularity was that he had to assist his father in the work somehow.  After the completion of Higher Secondary school, he tried to join Indian Army but unfortunately his physical structure did not permit him. Finding nowhere as he was wandering around in the village he came to know about Don Bosco Tech through his friend. With hope and expectation, he visits the centre to know about all the details about the skills training program and opportunity. 

Mr. Mani Prasad Bhujel, father of Mr. Roshan Bhujel - a tea garden worker, earns a daily wage of Rs. 100/- (Hundred) at the end of the day. For eight hour of rigorous work, and the meagre wage was not sufficient for him to meet the needs of family. Perhaps it might be the reason Mr. Mani Prasad Bhujel wanted his son to get a handsome job. The financial or economical condition of most of his neighbour were also not good and was in dire need for development and some responsible person and for which he wanted to clear competitive exams. Roshan says, “It is tough for me to prepare for competitive exam as I could not have proper classes or tuitions nor my family could bear to take the expenses. My mother, Rupanti Bhujel, has always supported me positively and in every way”. With no success or positive outcome after his months long struggle, finally forced him to work in a hotel, as a part-time employee while he was still in his standard 12. 

Roshan have plenty of dream and goal to achieve one of which is to complete his further studies with his own money and to support his sister education who too have deep interest to study and have big dream like him. Each member of his family knew about the needs, positive and negative, strength and weakness of each other. When Roshan was almost giving up his dream, Don Bosco Tech happened. In fact, it was one of his friend who told him about Don Bosco Tech and that it supports youth like him to build their life and career through a training program and a job placement.  Without any delay, he visited Oddlabari centre and met the trainers from whom he got all the necessary details. Like every candidate, he was also counselled by the trainer and took the Interest Inventory Test, after which he was suggested to take Electrical training as per his interest. He finally took the admission in Helper Electrician domain under Axis Bank Foundation (ABF) project.

In the beginning, Roshan was very shy type of guy and needed much improvement on grooming. He was also reserved by nature however as the days passed on and he became familiar with the environment and classmate he started to open-up to them and interacted them very well. He was also very attentive and regular in the classes. His performance from the mathematical calculation to acting in the stage was amazing and proved the trainer that he can be something. At the end of the training program, during the assessment, his result came our positively for which he is grateful to all who has supported and encouraged him during the two-month training program. 

Roshan was selected in Hotel Ravi Residency in Ahmedabad under Electrical Maintenance Department and is very happy and satisfied with it. At present, he is earning a monthly remuneration of Rs. 7000 with food and lodging with which he helps his parent by sending them some part of his salary and pays the tuition fees of his sister. Putting in his own word he said, “I am very happy today for which I am very grateful to all staff especially from Don Bosco Tech for being very supportive. Without my parent’s support, I would have been nowhere. Joining Don Bosco Tech meant a lot to me. Thank you Don Bosco Tech.”