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Centre Name : Don Bosco Tech - Lingarajapuram
Domain : Retail & Sales
Employer : Genius Consultants
Designation : Collection Executive

Joshua Bagyaraj, a young and smart alumnus hails from a family that consists of five-member; parents, elder brother, and elder sister. Parents are daily wage earners while the elder brother supports the family financially by working in a store. He is basically from a middle-class family. Joshua dropped out of school after matriculation because all the family’s income was spent on his ailing parents' care. However, this problem did not deter him from going ahead in life. His dream was to support his brother and sister in his studies.

After completing class 10, Joshua decided to put his hands into any sort of work, earn to support the family. After much sought after, he joined a school as a Physical Education Teacher (PET). Despondent with the job because with the meager salary he could not afford to run the family. This job he left in view to get trained with Don Bosco Tech.

It was like a dream come true for Joshua when he joined Don Bosco Tech, Lingarjapuram training center. He was unemployed but now he is employed, he lacked confidence but now he is confident, he couldn’t speak English but now he can.

From the day-one of the online training, Joshua demonstrated his stern determination, focus, and single mind to achieve what he wanted to achieve in life. Come what may, he dived deep into the troubled water. “I enjoyed attending the online training the Lingarajpuram trainers provided. So to say it was the best part of my life I have ever experienced. The retail classes were very interesting. Classes on spoken English took me new height, said Joshua. He added, “I remember my first presentation in the class. I was nervous. I didn't want to do it, but finally, I did it. When I look back, I feel I have grown much from then and now. Now I am confident, developed enough to face the crowd.”

After completing the three months of online training in retail, Joshua was interviewed by Genius Consultants, a well known Bangalore based company on September 29, 2020, when he was selected as a Collection Executive with a monthly salary of Rs. 16250/- per month.