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Centre Name : Don Bosco Tech - Punalur
Domain : E-commerce Team Lead
Employer : TVS Motor Company Ltd
Designation : Customer Relation Executive

"We can't connect the dots looking forward; we can only connect them looking backward. Trusting that the dots will somehow connect to our future. Likewise, we have to trust our destiny saying that this approach has never let me down, rather it has made difference in my life. Thanks a lot to Don Bosco Tech and Accenture for giving me this life-changing opportunity,” said Siji S Danel.

Siji is now a Customer Relations Executive in TVS Motor Company Ltd., Trivandrum. It was an opportunity to her unfulfilled dreams and ambitions despite the challenges of her life after divorce.

A 29-year-old Siji is a native of Avaniseram RSPO, a small village in the Kollam district. She comes from a poor family consisting of her parents and her brother. Mother, the only breadwinner, runs the family with meager earnings. She was once a CRM Voice trainee of Don Bosco Tech, Punalur center in the year 2016. On completion of the training, she was placed in the Eranakulam district. In the following year, she got married. However, this did not last long. ‘The life of a divorced woman in India is especially riddled with a lot of social stigmas. From a plummeting, compromised lifestyle, prejudiced societal remarks, they face it all.’ This is precisely what happened the same in Siji’s life. In such dark times, Don Bosco Tech reinstated in her the confidence, strength, and opportunity for her future.

This is a story of a beautiful bond that Don Bosco Tech has built with this alumna. The Centre team of Don Bosco Tech, Punalur visited Siji’s house on hearing her misfortune. Thereby she was welcomed to rejoin the training program. Upon hearing this, her father’s joy knew no bound to trusting this as a stepping stone to bring her out of her misery. Siji then joined the online E-Commerce Executive course from the Don Bosco Tech Punalur center which was supported by Accenture. She has been remarked as one of the disciplined students. No doubt she is a good example of a career-oriented young woman. To rebuild her life, Siji worked hard to learn more. She did participate in all the activities online very actively. She attended classes regularly too.

On completion of the training, a round of interviews was arranged for her amidst the pandemic. She attended the interview virtually. Due to her sheer hard work and dedication, she got through the interview and earned the position as a Customer Relation Executive at TVS Motor Company Ltd., Trivandrum with a monthly salary of 13,000 INR plus incentives. The hand-holding support of the trainers and her understanding parents were a boon in her life which changed her world upside down. She is an inspiration for a happy and fulfilling life for those treading through difficult times. For all that Don Bosco Tech has to offer, it has offered her, and she is ever grateful.

She encourages other young women to come out of their fear and to live their dreams.