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Centre Name : Don Bosco Tech - Maram
Domain : Food and Beverage - Steward
Employer : Self Employed
Designation : Entrepreneur

“I am grateful to Don Bosco Tech and PMKVY for providing me with the opportunity to be trained and placed. I am thankful as I can stand on my own and support my family members. The skills I learned during my training made me more confident to deal with different people and handle situations.’’

“We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated”

Challenges emerge from the advent of the Pandemic which made Marina Neisangpui take a drastic decision to quit her job at Ananta Resort, Udaipur, Rajasthan and return home to her concerned and worried family. Without any hesitation, she utilizes her savings which was earned while working in Udaipur in setting up a variety shop in her village with a daily income of 1500 to 2000.

Marina Neisangpui was born and brought up in Rengkai village under Churachandpur District of Manipur. She completed her 12th standard but had to discontinue her education due to financial constraints in the family. Her mother is the only bread earner in the family. After class 12, she assists her mother in household chores. She feels helpless and feels deprived of living her dream. With a stroke of good luck, she crosses path with a friend who happens to be an alumnus of Don Bosco Tech Maram center who was visiting home for a holiday after getting placed by Don Bosco Tech Society. While having a conversation with her friend regarding her situation at home, immediately she was informed about the free skill training program of Don Bosco Tech Society. All she sees in her friend was contentment and joy. She was greatly inspired and decided to join the training with her mother’s permission. On approval from her mother, she enrolled herself in the Food & Beverage Service Steward course at Don Bosco Tech, PMKK centre.

    During the training, she learned new skills in the hotel industry and services. Besides the domain training, she learnt life skills on situation handling, money management, punctuality and so on. She learned to love herself and to respect others. After three months of training, she was interviewed and got selected at Ananta Resort, Udaipur Rajasthan for the post of F&B Service steward. She worked at Ananta Resort as a stewardess. Her first job and salary was rupees 9000 with free food and accommodation.

When the lockdown started life was not the same. She was confused, whether to go home or to stay back as family members and State officials kept calling her to return home.

    After she returned home town she did not waste her time. She invested rupees 60000/- and set up a variety store. The money invested was her savings while working at Ananta Resort. As her set up is located at her colony, it became convenient to manage her shop as well as she gets time to fulfil her household work. Her daily income is from 1500 to 2000 Rs. per day.

Having faced hardships in life, Marina is very responsible and calculative. She manages her daily sales and gives her best to meet the demands of the customers.

As she was trained in the hospitality sector, she desires to continue her career with hotels. She wants to work in Mumbai. She would like to earn more money and upgrade her store so that her mother can manage her shop.

Marina is grateful to Don Bosco Tech society and wishes to inspire many other youths.