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Bridge digital, social and economic divide in India by significantly contribute to the development of the marginalized youth by enhancing the employability and life management skills.
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Our Mission & Vision

We Need Volunteers

We believe in the power of collaboration and contribution to bring about the change that we want to see. At Don Bosco Tech, we are embarking on a journey with a purpose. Mission 2022 – To impart market oriented employment linked training to 20 lakhs youngsters by 2022. We invite you to be a volunteer with Don Bosco Tech and be the change. At Don Bosco Tech, we believe that the task of creating change is not for a few but for all of us. Here is an opportunity to get involved with us. You can donate, volunteer or simply be our friend who spreads the good word about us.

At Don Bosco Tech, we believe that the task of creating change is not for a few but for all of us. 'Freedom with Five' is an exclusive volunteering programme designed and developed by Don Bosco Tech, keeping in mind the needs of our beneficiaries and the unique nature of volunteerism today.

Success Stories:

Khushi Sharma, a spirited and jovial member of Batch-6 from ITC East 2022–23, calls Tangra, Kolkata, her home. Emerging from a modest Hindu nuclear family, Khushi's age of 19 belies the maturity she has gained through her responsibilitie....

Khushi Sharma (Alumnus, Don Bosco Tech, Kolkata)

Kabita Kumari Gautam is a determined and resilient young woman hailing from the heart of Khiddirpore, Kolkata. Despite facing financial constraints, she has exemplified that determination and hard work can triumph over adversity. Kabita's educ....

Kabita Kumari (Alumnus, Don Bosco Tech, Kolkata)

DB Tech Spreads

Don Bosco Tech is a network of more than 300 institutions that include formal, non-formal and short term training institutions located in 217 districts across India. We have developed a remarkable and comprehensive directory to allow the stakeholders to know about the facilities available at the Don Bosco Tech’s skill training centres.

This digital directory contains information of technical institutions, short term training institutions and network partners. Each listing of institutions in the digital directory provides inputs related to the infrastructure, facilities, case studies, contact information and courses available in detail at the centre. Clicking on the ‘View Map’ will take you to our digital directory.