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How We Do

Unlike inflexible, conventional training courses that do not keep pace with the ever-changing job markets, Don Bosco Tech goes beyond rigid curriculum-based learning and adopts flexible, market-oriented learning modules, which are administered by appropriate trainer. The trainers encourage the students to develop their inherent capabilities, identify and articulate their strengths and constraints, and develop solutions to solve them in a self-directed manner. Engaging in one-to-one dialogue with the students, the trainers guide them to learn from their life experiences and take responsibility for their own advancement, as well as that of their families and communities. The training programs run by Don Bosco Tech are marked by several distinctive features that set them apart from other run-of-the-mill vocational courses

    1. A typical training program comprises 3 months’ classroom training, which covers academic inputs, theoretical concepts and subject knowledge. The curriculum is constantly upgraded and improved with feedback and inputs from industry professionals, in tune with actual industry requirements.

    2. To reinforce the students’ learning further, classroom teaching is supplemented with practical training, for which Don Bosco Tech provides excellent infrastructural support, in the form of state-of-the-art equipment and teaching software.

    3. As communication is essential to becoming work-ready, the trainees are put through intensive spoken English and work-readiness modules, which help them understand the pulse of the industry they are getting into, and exhorts them to constantly strive for advanced learning opportunities.

    4. The classroom training is followed up with on-the-job apprentice training, which confers a two-fold benefit – the students gain useful work experience by honing their untapped potential / skills, while the employers can mould the trainees to their organizational job requirements before absorption.

    5. Don Bosco Tech facilitates self-exploration by the trainee of his / her inner potential, by devoting exclusive life-skill sessions that include self-evaluation exercises and group / industry interactions that are aimed at better equipping the trainees to face life’s practical aspects.