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Food and Beverage - Steward

Overview of Sector

The Food & Beverage Service Steward is responsible for efficiently and courteously serving food and beverage to guests of hotel, restaurant, canteens and banquet functions.
The individual at work greets and seats the guests;takes down their orders; serves them with tableware, food, beverages, andaccompaniments; finally clears the used dishes and settles the customer’saccounts as per the company’s policy.
Module Details:
  1. Plan for serving food and beverages
  2. Greet customer, take orders and serve
  3. Clean tables and counters
  4. Deal with customer payment
  5. Resolve customer service issues
  6. Communicate with customer and colleagues
  7. Maintain customer-centric service orientation
  8. Maintain standard of etiquette and hospitableconduct
  9. Follow gender and age sensitive service practices
  10. Maintain IPR of organisation and customers
  11. Maintain health and hygiene 
  12. Maintain safety at workplace