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Housekeeping Attendant (Manual Cleaning)

Overview of Sector

Identifies housekeeping requirements, adapts correct procedures and gathers resources for different areas, completes assigned housekeeping tasks and monitors & maintains cleanliness and tidiness at the workplace.                                                          
The primary role entails keeping buildings in clean and orderly condition. It includes ‘systematic’ cleaning of a property including building floors, glass surfaces, offices, restrooms, auditorium,lifts, utility rooms, canteen & pantry, and common areas (inside and outside the building) by sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, or wiping and removing garbage.                                                   
Module Details:     
  1. Clean pantry and canteen area          
  2. Report, record and prepare documentation    
  3. Give a positive impression of oneself and the organization    
  4. Work effectively with others            
  5. Maintainsafe, hygienic and secure environment