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Thursday, 26 November: Constitution Day 2020 in DB Tech, JVS, Palda

The Constitution Day also is known as National Law Day was commemorated at Don Bosco Tech Society, JVS, Palda center on November 26, 2020. On this occasion, to brief on the Constitution, Mr. Madhukar Pawar (Director, Field Publicity, Govt. of India) was called.

The staff of DB Tech spearheaded the celebration who also invited Fr. Roy (Director, Janvikas, JVS) and the other dignitaries to grace the event.

During the celebration, the preamble of the constitution was read as the students stood, stretched their hands, and pronounced to live by it. Besides, there were quiz and essay competitions on the subject of the constitution of India. There was a speech on salient features of the constitution by Mr. Pawar.

While the celebration was on the speaker explained in details the:

  • Need for the Constitution 
  • History of the Constitution
  • BR Ambedkar and the Drafting Committee
  • Role of judiciary & the Constitution
  • The procedure of amending the Constitution
  • Fundamental Rights and responsibilities enshrined in the Constitution
  • The preamble of the Constitution, etc.

As the gathering dispersed, all stood up to take an oath while the assembly sang the National Anthem.