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NSQF STAFF – Online in-service Training Program

It was a great opportunity for the Vocational Trainers of various NSQF Model Schools in Andhra Pradesh to attend the virtual 5-day in-service training program held from the 16th to the 20th of November 2021. The Ministry of Human Resource Development is implementing the Scheme of Vocationalisation of School Education under the umbrella of 'Samagra Shiksha – an integrated scheme for school education.

In-service training is compulsory relating to official professional development activities to maintain or upgrade professional qualifications and also the sole purpose to improve skills. The need for this training was proposed by the State Project Director of Samagra Siksha as per the work order Ref. Lr.Rc.No.1874/GCDO/VE/2021 dated 20-10-2021.

The training program was successful with the presence of Fr. Sanjay, Don Bosco Tech Province head, Master trainers, Mr. Suresh Babu- Don Bosco Tech State Coordinator, the State Team, and 30 trainers.

The program is professional training or staff development effort, where trainers are trained and discuss their work with their team. It also refers to the short-term education modules that have been specially designed for trainers already working. It is a professional and personal educational activity for teachers to improve their efficiency, ability, knowledge, and motivation in their professional work and it offers one of the most promising roads to the improvement of instruction.

Day 1 was all about knowing the purpose of the training, and about St. Don Bosco’s views and his love towards the youth and their comfort. This was addressed by Mr. Suresh Babu and Mr. Cheeli Ashok took over the session who explained the placement hopes for vocational education. On the 2nd Day, Fr. Sanjay, Don Bosco Tech Province head, shared his views and motivated the Trainers. While motivating them, he made clear about their roles as Trainers and to live the Don Bosco Tech way. Mr. Balaraju who is an expert in soft skills carried out the training session on the 3rd day. It was very interesting where he made all the trainers actively participate in some life skills activities. The rest of the day was handled by Mr. Suresh Babu who explained lesson plans, maintained work dairy, conducted internal Assessments and evaluations of work. Assignments were given to the trainers on the 4th and 5th Day by the Master Trainers according to their Domains in which each trainer trade their assignments successfully.

This program can include testing, practice sessions like role plays, read and reflect activities, self-directed learning plans, and/or discussion groups but the last part of a successful training process is real-world application.

All the participants were grateful to Samagra Siksha for this beneficial training program. It made the trainers understand the values of Vocational Education in schools and gave them the confidence to continue to work for a good cause.