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Don Bosco Tech Society participates in the 14th Global Skills Summit 2023

Don Bosco Tech Society, has been accorded the honor of participating as a special invitee delegate at the prestigious 14th Global Skills Summit 2023, themed "Building Skills. Empowering Youth. Creating Future." The event is taking place at FICCI, Federation House, New Delhi, on September 20-21, 2023.

The 14th Global Skills Summit is a significant gathering of experts, policymakers, and industry leaders who are dedicated to discussing and shaping the future of skill development in India. This summit underscores the critical role that skill training plays in empowering youth, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, and its impact on the nation's overall development.

Don Bosco Tech Society, brings extensive experience and expertise in skill training for needy youth to this event. This participation serves as a testament to Don Bosco Tech Society's commitment to skill development and its recognition as a key player in this sector. The organization's presence at the summit will provide an opportunity to share insights, best practices, and success stories related to skill training initiatives. It is also an opportunhity for networking and learing from variuos stakeholders in the skilling ecosystem.

The 14th Global Skills Summit will feature various sessions and discussions on topics such as integrating formal education with vocational education, industry-driven high-quality skilling, green skills, and much more. It is expected that the insights and recommendations from this summit will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of skill development in India. This summit reinforces the importance of collaboration between organizations, industry, and government bodies to create a more skilled and empowered youth population, which is essential for the nation's progress.

Don Bosco Tech Society looks forward to actively engaging in discussions, networking, and knowledge sharing during this prestigious event to further its mission of providing skill training opportunities to those who need it the most. it was great to interact with many key players in the skill training filed and also be recognised by them in personal and public interaactions.