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Online Placement Orientation on Work Readiness

Online orientations for the youth, meetings among the staff, and classes for the students have become an integral part of our life during this pandemic. It is also seen among the staff and the students of Don Bosco Tech Society. Likewise, the Rangarajan center, Assam held the first online Placement Orientation for its Assistant Electrician and Automotive Service Technician trainees on August 12, 2020, from 02:00 pm to 03:12 pm through Skype. The sole motive of the meeting was on ‘Work Readiness’.

In total 33 trainees attended the online session. The key resource persons were Mr. Amit Khan (Senior Manager-Placement) and Mr. Alok Kumar Mishra (Asst. Manager, National Placement). There were also Mr. Amos Ekka (State Coordinator, Dimapur), Mrs. Anita Kapuh (Placement Coordinator, Dimapur), and the trainers of the center among others.

The session started with a brief introduction about Don Bosco and Don Bosco Tech Society.  Soon after that, the resource persons’ briefing started on the ‘work readiness’, which includes:

  1. Purpose of the training
  2. Attendance-Regular for online classes
  3. Grooming & Dress code
  4. Documents and CVs for interview
  5. Communication Skills-Basic Hindi and English
  6. Right Attitude
  7. Adapting to a new environment and challenges
  8. Salary and EPF, etc.

During the session, Mr. Khan exhorted the trainees to ‘learn to earn’ to ‘become self-reliant’. Thus, he added, ‘help yourself and your families to improve their financial status.” He continued saying, “If you want to be successful in life, you have to come out of your comfort zone, improve communication skills, be dedicated and consistent, work hard to be ready to start from nothing to something.” He added, “To compete with others in the job market, you need to possess skills and competency, which will give an edge over others.” He advised them to master a skill and keep sharpening by way of regular practice.

Having addressed the trainees on the need to acquire an adequate skill, the resource person touched upon the vital aspect of a person for the job i.e. ‘Right Attitude’. “This quality of a person will help adjust with the long hours of work and also frequent shifts,” said Mr. Khan. Lacking in this attribute, he added, “Will result in a frequent change of company. As a result, this will impact on the growth of the person.” Citing an example to be an entrepreneur he said, “You need to have long years of experience.” The briefing was concluded with advice that ‘they must be ready to move out of North East for the job’.

During the question and answer slot Mr. Joseph Kullu (Trainee, Automotive Service Technician), raised a question on the prospective companies to hire them, salary packages and other benefits. These were clarified aptly by both the speakers.

The session came to its closure with a vote of thanks, proposed by one of the participants.