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Review Meeting of Karnataka Centres

The review meeting organized on 14-Mar-22 was intended to discuss and analyze the ground reality, address issues pertaining to the attendance of the trainees and qualitative placement of each centre & batch. The centres were given chance to share their view and challenges, expectation and learning.

The participants were Fr Joseph Elavanal, Director DBSM, Fr Shibu, Technical Commission Head- Bangalore Province, Fr. Dominic – Rector, Don Bosco Tech Hassan, Fr. Santhosh - Center Head, Don Bosco Tech – Hospet, Mrs Latha Ganesh, Center Incharge – Don Bosco Tech – Jeevanahalli, Ms Antony Niveditha, Regional Program Manager - South, Mr Veeresh Modi – State Coordinator and State Placement Coordinator – Karnataka Mr Pirtto Thomas – State MIS & M&E and State Finance - Karnataka

Centre Wise Discussion for Action Points


  1. TOT to be organized mandatory before beginning the next phase of the program.
  2. ACLP to be followed meticulously.
  3. Trainers to be upgraded with knowledge and skills as per their job roles.
  4. Conduct weekly reviews at the centre level.
  5. To conduct a weekly assessment
  6. Admissions of trainees to be finalized by centre head along with the respective parents/guardian and only then incepted for the training program.
  7. During the TOT the trainers need to bring all the placements documents for verification.
  8. Self-evaluations of trainers to be conducted during their ToT program.
  9. Need to provide the trainer guide & student's workbook.
  10. To add another domain i.e CRM Non-Voice.
  11. Provide excess hostel facilities for the trainees.
  12. Maintain the stock register properly from the next batch.
  13. The centre needs to conduct a job fair for every batch between 75th to 90th days.
  14. Placement tracking needs to be done as per the project deliverable.
  15. The trainers need to collect proper documents of trainees who opt for the course.


  1. Need to provide the time for the mobilization
  2. Format to be shared for the weekly batch review.
  3. ToT to be organized on priority before the next phase begins.
  4. One round of interviews need to conduct at the state level office physically.
  5. Details of documents need to be maintained at the centre level.
  6. The trainers need to collect proper documents of trainees who opt for the course.
  7. The centre needs to conduct a job fair for every batch between 75th to 90th days.
  8. Placement tracking needs to be done as per the project deliverables.


  1. Guest lectures need to be conducted from companies' HR precisely.
  2. Required voice process target along with Data entry operator.
  3. Activity-based classes need to be conducted.
  4. Conduct weekly reviews at the centre level.
  5. The trainers need to conduct a weekly assessment.
  6. Self-evaluations form for the trainers


Based on the above discussion points the team had agreed to have common action points for all the centres considering the need for having a better impact on the beneficiaries.

  1. Quality of placements to be improved, if the trainees are not willing to migrate, the centre team will have to arrange meetings with parents for counselling them and with employers to negotiate for better quality. If this is not maintained with immediate effect the employer will be cancelled.
  2. Centers will have to increase the number of quality placement lead as per the national standards of the organization. Each lead identified will be cross verified by the State team physically and then approved by the National team considering all the required criteria.
  3. Each batch and trainee is required to have 85% of attendance. Any trainee with less than 85% attendance will have to be dropped off by the centre within 2 days or else State MIS will drop it automatically with 2 warnings.
  4. As a normal norm each centre and batch will have specific target’s to be achieved, even if candidates are dropped off (either not interested/poor attendance), they will have to re-mobilize and achieve targets. All this would reflect on their performance appraisal in the forthcoming year.
  5. The State Operations, MIS, Placement and Finance will visit the centres at regular intervals to orient the candidates, conduct WRM, physical verification, documentation and monitoring purposes.
  6. Weekly centre team meetings with the centre in charge, trainers and state team to be conducted regularly. This has to be minuted and shared with the concerned for necessary action.
  7. Each centre trainer will have to share the plan for each week on an hourly basis. This will be closely monitored by the state team and reported to the respective centre in charge of the progress.
  8. The Center Team (Trainers and Center Head) and State Team need to have meetings with employers before starting the batch and negotiate with employers for better quality. If the employer is found inefficient as per the National standards the employer has to be replaced with immediate effect.
  9. From the next batches State Team will share the assessment results along with the number present, absent and pass percentage.
  10. Staff needs to recruit on priority with April 1st as joining dates.

The batch review has been successful, went on well and the entire centres have expressed their observations, recommendations and expectations. It has created a positive impact on all the participants and the team has strong-willed to implement the quality of the training, attendance and placements percentage.