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Meeting of formal skill training institutions’ principals

A two-day meeting of the principals of the formal skill training institutions (ITI and Polytechnic) was held at Don Bosco Skill Mission, Bangalore. The participation of 34 members from 9 Salesian provinces of India showed great interest and belonging to the Don Bosco Tech Network.

The very engaging sessions and inputs on solutions and products for Augmented and Virtual Reality for enhancing learning through a virtual environment, Solutions for Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Machining (CAM), Cost-Effective Table Top CNC Machines for training and production,  Training in precision measurements, Understanding the law and implications of POCSO Act (Protection of Children from Sexual offenses), Technology for Safe Water and training and revenue generation opportunities through electronic equipment refurbishing, entrepreneurship development.

The sessions were well received and accepted. The demonstration of relevant equipment, solutions, and machinery for a better understanding of its utility and usefulness in training made the sessions useful and interactive. The participants had the opportunity to understand the technology and machines through demonstration and hands-on experience.

The sharing of information, concerns, and challenges leads to productive discussions on pathways ahead. There was a positive environment and decision to work together by sharing data, networking, sharing of resources, mutual support, a common training program, and collective synergy towards the skilling mission.

Sharing of current policies and directives led to a  critical understanding of the policies and guidelines of the government which led to a collective decision to take up advocacy and work towards policy changes by making representations to the concerned departments.

The two-day interactive and useful time created a new vigor to the mission of skilling youth leading to better employment and livelihood. This experience has led to a stronger commitment as a network to foster quality, standard, forging partnerships, and professionalism in our training initiatives.