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Virtual Training of Trainers-Don Bosco Tech Kerala


On September 15 2021, a Virtual Training of the trainer was conducted for all trainers of Don Bosco Tech Kerala centres. The goal was to facilitate the exchange of knowledge on the latest methodologies and approaches to learning innovation. The training started with a prayer seeking blessings from the Almighty. The programme offers a deep dive into the training management cycle, from analysis to evaluation towards reiteration.

In order to make the programme successful, few days before the TOT, a Google form was circulated to the trainers to share their expectations out of this training. Most of the trainers expressed their interest to revise the process of training. They wanted to learn more about the process of the different departments. 

The program was successfully conducted with the presence of Fr. George Mathew (Executive Director, Don Bosco Tech Society), Fr. Shibu Davis (State In-charge), Fr. Manu Michael (Director of IDYCs), Fr. Raju Phillip (Don Bosco Tech-Vaduthala Centre Head), Antony Niveditha (Regional Manager), the State team and trainers. The topics covered were-

1.             Self-motivation for teachers in changing time

2.            Teaching with a heart.

3.            Possible intervention of skill training

4.            Training sessions related to Finance, Operation, Placements, MIS and Communication.


Fr. Shibu Davis inaugurated the gathering and welcomed all the dignitaries followed by a self-introduction by the trainers.  Fr. Davis conveyed the purpose and vision for which the trainers were being called in the field of skill training. Fr. Manu Michael (Director of IDYC) excellently delivered a wonderful session on “self-motivation for teachers in changing time”. During his entire session, he focussed on how to be motivated and how to fall in love with the process at hand. He clearly defined the vision to create an impact rather than focusing on money and existence. Fr. Raju Philip took over the next session on “teaching with a heart” where he encouraged the trainers to build trust in the youth who comes to the centre in the Don Bosco Way- with reason, religion, love kindness. He further explained how to create an environment of trust which is very important for the youth who seeks employment and success in their career.

Fr. George Mathew explicated a session on possible intervention on skill training in which he briefed about the key benefits of the National Skills Qualifications Framework. He also highlighted how the NSQF levels are integrated, how it is aligned with the Qualification Pack which is available with Sector Skill Council and Stakeholders of Skill Eco System.

After the lunch break, 4 team members took the opportunity to share their roles and responsibilities.  The session related to Finance was addressed by Mr. Digit Jose, Operation and Placement by Mr. Juby Manjali, MIS by Mrs. Anila Samson and Communication by Mrs. Aneeta Jolly. In each session, the trainers got an equal opportunity to seek clarity on their doubts.

In brief, the following points were highlighted-


•           Outreach Travel request.

•           Hostel Attendance, MOU and centre fund (Collection of documents required from batch to batch).

•           Mobilization expense.

•           Advance on Travel Expense.

•          Traveling expense sheet.

•           Lesson Planner.

Operation & Placement:

•              Timeline on reporting and documentation.

•              Project Implementing.

•            Uploading offer letters on BOONFACE.

•            Organization mapping centre base.


•              Batch creation and Approval.

•              Documents Collections.

•            Correct documents of trainees to be uploaded during registration.

•            Uploading students details on the BOONFACE at the time of Mobilization and enrolment

•              Updating of centre details on BOONFACE.


•              Timeline for publication of activities on Social Media.

•            Case study and Success story

The programme concluded after a session of assessment on the topics covered during the training. A feedback form was circulated to all the trainers who shared positive feedback. Few of the trainers were new to the organization and this training gave them a detailed insight into the whole process. Each session was very informative and a refresh to help them understand their role better. They were thankful to Don Bosco Tech Society for the opportunity to learn and understand the training process better. Overall the training programme was very useful and helpful for the trainers for smooth functioning of the training process and for self-development.