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Visit by Fr. Biju Michael, the Regional Councillor highlights Don Bosco Tech's Commitment to Empowering Youth Through Skill Training

On August 29, 2023, Don Bosco Tech National office in Delhi had the honor of hosting Fr. Biju Michael, the Regional Councillor for South Asia. The occasion was significant, with Fr. George Mathew, the Executive Director of Don Bosco Tech India, and the national office staff extending a warm and cordial welcome to Fr. Biju.

Fr. Biju, amidst his demanding schedule, graciously visited various Don Bosco Tech Society, interreacted with the staff, making his presence deeply meaningful for all involved.

In his address, Fr. Biju eloquently shed light on the profound vision of "Don Bosco," one deeply rooted in the well-being and empowerment of youth. He underscored that while all young individuals possess immense potential, external factors and challenges often impede their progress. He drew the attention of all to the fact that Don Bosco Tech through the skill training and employment offers is equipping youth to navigate life's challenges independently. He emphasized the pivotal role played by the Don Bosco Tech Society in bridging this gap, empowering youth through skill development and employment opportunities, thus enabling them to attain self-sufficiency and resilience in the face of life's obstacles.

He passionately stressed that the demographic dividend  of the Indian sub-continent presents an unprecedented opportunity to harness the potential of India's youth, fostering a generation of skilled professionals who can contribute to both local and global economic growth through skill development.

Fr. Biju briefly acknowledged the extensive presence of Don Bosco Tech across South Asia and the positive impact of the Don Bosco network on young people worldwide. He invested valuable time interacting with the national office staff, gaining insights into their achievements and challenges, while also commending their dedication and efforts in the noble cause of skilling India.

Fr. George Mathew, in his concluding remarks, extended special gratitude to Fr. Biju Michael for his visit and acknowledged his motivating presence and interaction. He affirmed Don Bosco Tech Society's unwavering commitment to tirelessly work towards a future where every young individual is equipped with the skills they need to succeed.

Fr. Biju Michael's visit stands as a powerful testament to Don Bosco Tech's enduring mission of empowering and transforming the lives of disadvantaged youth through skill training and education.