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Awareness programme – Substance Abuse & HIV/ AIDS

The awareness program on Substance Abuse & HIV/ AIDS was conducted on 09 December 2022 with the presence of Miss Rhiedolcy , Sir Wallambok, and Miss Genesis, students of Food & Beverage Service Associate B1. The guests were Ms. Lohun Dhar from the Voluntary Health Association of Meghalaya and Mr.Alex Kharkongor from Meghalaya AIDS Control Society.

 Ms.Rhiedolcy welcomed the guests and introduced the guests to the trainees. She also explained to the students about the program. The first half of the session was handled by Ms.Lohun Dhar, a member of the Voluntary  Health Association of Meghalaya in which she talked about life, and the facts of life faced by youngsters in today's world. She encouraged the trainees not to get involved in bad things which will spoil their lives. Every individual should have the strong willpower to resist temptations and bad companies. Anybody can get addicted to alcohol or any form of drugs if one does not take care of our habits and bad companies. Consumption of drugs will affect the overall well-being of a person as well as the image of an individual in society once we become addicts. So each individual needs to give priority to taking care of one's health.

Mr. Alex, further shared what is HIV/AIDS, Routes of transmission. He explained why young people are at risk and fall easily as victims. He advised the trainees not to share needles with anyone as the virus can get into our bodies by sharing needles and unprotected sex through body fluids. He also requested the trainees not shy away but seek professional help and family if there is any doubt. There are professional counselors in every help center who give proper guidance and medications for HIV/AIDS-infected people. Also, he encouraged the trainees not to discriminate against people who have the virus but to help them to live healthy lives.

In conclusion, he informed the trainees that anyone could go to any ART center to seek help which is located at various places. The program was an enriching session for the trainees as they learned about substance abuse and the prevention of HIV/AIDS.