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Constitution allows all-round development

In the preamble of the constitution, social, economic, and political justice, expression, belief, religion and worship, prestige, and with equality in opportunity, the nation’s unity, and integrity is given special importance. In a real sense, all these subjects are a call to provide an equal opportunity for every citizen of the country for all-round development. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that preamble is the soul of the constitution. This was mentioned by Mr. Madhukar Pawaar (Assistant Director, Regional Public Relations Bureau) on Wednesday in the Bureau office, in the event organized by Don Bosco Tech Society (Jan Vikas Society (JVS), Palda), and during the webinar of Sika Senior Secondary School. He said, “There is a clear-cut mention of our fundamental rights in the constitution. If we are sincere in our duties, the spirit of the constitution will be upheld.” When the program was on the speaker read-out the Preamble and narrated some interesting stories about the formation of the constitution. He continued, “If we are aware of our rights and perform our duties with sincerity then there would not arise a situation of differences and controversies. Instead, there will be peace and tranquility and the possibility of utilizing the manpower for the development of the nation.” On this occasion, Mr. Yash, (Director, Nehru Yuva Kendra Society), and Mr. Suresh also addressed the gathering.