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Centre Name : Don Bosco Tech - Karamadai
Domain : CRM Domestic Non- Voice
Employer : PVR Cinemas
Designation : Warehouse MIS Support

Meet S. Vignesh, a testament to the transformative power of education and skill development. Born into a humble family in Sirumugai, Coimbatore District, Tamilnadu, Vignesh's upbringing was marked by financial challenges. His father, a hardworking coolie worker, struggled to make ends meet for their family of four.

Despite facing adversity, Vignesh remained determined to carve out a better future for himself. After completing his schooling, he encountered difficulties finding employment in his local area. However, fate intervened when he learned about Don Bosco Tech and its comprehensive training programs.

Driven by a desire for change, Vignesh enrolled in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) course at Don Bosco Tech, Karamadai. Throughout the three-month training, he immersed himself in learning, honing his skills in the hospitality sector and enhancing his proficiency in computer operations and communicative English.

With newfound confidence and abilities, Vignesh secured his first job as a sales executive at Fun Mall, Coimbatore. However, his journey was not without challenges, as he faced unemployment due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Undeterred, Vignesh persevered, engaging in daily wage work to support himself and his family.

It was during this trying time that Don Bosco Tech Society emerged as a beacon of hope. Encouraged by their unwavering support and guidance, Vignesh and his family were motivated to pursue better opportunities. Through the facilitation of Don Bosco Tech Society, Vignesh found himself at PVR Cinemas, where he excelled in his role as a Food & Beverage Steward, earning a monthly remuneration of Rs. 20,000, along with free food and accommodation.

Reflecting on his journey, Vignesh expresses profound gratitude to Don Bosco Tech for not only equipping him with the skills necessary for employment but also instilling in him values that have shaped his character. He credits Don Bosco Tech Society and Don Bosco Skill Mission for providing him with a life-changing opportunity.

Vignesh's story serves as a testament to the life-transforming impact of vocational training and education. Through Don Bosco Tech, individuals like Vignesh are empowered to break free from the cycle of poverty and chart a path towards a brighter future filled with opportunities.