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Centre Name : Don Bosco Tech - Bandel
Domain : Housekeeping Attendant (Manual Cleaning)
Employer : River Winds Hote
Designation : Housekeeping Trainee

Bhaskar Chakraborty is a very jovial and hardworking boy from Champdani. His father is an auto driver with a minimum salary of 6500/- to run a family of 4 people.

Bhaskar had interest to work in a big industry like five star hotels. Because of his high determination and passion, Bhaskar always searched for an opportunity. When he got the information about hospitality management course in Don Bosco Tech, Bandel through our mobiliser, he immediately came for enquiry to the centre. After knowing the details, he got admitted. From the first day he had some different enthusiasm about achieving what he wanted and he was our most obedient student of his batch. He followed all the instructions given by the trainers; he developed his personality as soon as he understood the importance for having a good attitude in a professional field.

Due to his excellent development within these 60 days of training course, he did not have to face problem to get a job. It was his first interview and he was very confident. With his positive and confident attitude he faced the interview and we as trainers gave him full support to crack the interview. He cracked his very first interview and was offered a job at River Winds Hotel, Mumbai for the position of Housekeeping Trainee and now he is drawing Rs. 7000/- per month salary with food and accommodation. He will now be able to support his father.