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Centre Name : Don Bosco Tech - JVS Palda
Domain : Taxi Driver Training Program
Employer : Government official
Designation : Driver

Krishna Wakhla, a student from the second batch of the Taxi Driver domain at DB Tech Palda, has achieved significant professional success despite his challenging background. From a financially disadvantaged family, Krishna's journey toward success is an inspiring tale of personal growth and determination.

Krishna's introduction to DB Tech Training came during the mobilization phase, where he discovered the opportunity to enhance his skills and prospects. Initially, he lacked confidence and was quite shy. However, the trainers at DB Tech Palda played a crucial role in motivating him to attend classes regularly. Their constant encouragement and support helped Krishna overcome his initial reservations.

Enrolling in the taxi driver domain, Krishna actively participated in various programs and activities, particularly excelling in street plays. His practical approach to learning allowed him to grasp concepts quickly and effectively. As a result, he witnessed remarkable improvements in areas such as communication, personality development, and building rapport with others. Krishna's newfound obedience and sense of responsibility made him a reliable and helpful individual, always willing to lend a hand to others.

Upon completing the course, Krishna found employment as a driver for his neighbor, who held a position in the Madhya Pradesh government. He takes immense pride and a deep sense of satisfaction from his job. With the full support of his parents, Krishna is excelling in his current role and preparing for civil service exams, demonstrating his ambition to achieve even greater heights.

Expressing his gratitude, Krishna acknowledges the pivotal role played by Mahindra Finance and Don Bosco Tech in uncovering his hidden capabilities and instilling values in trainees like himself. He recognizes the tremendous impact of the training program, which has provided him with the necessary skills, and helped shape his outlook in life. Krishna's journey is a testament to the transformative power of empowerment and the boundless potential that can be realized with the proper support and guidance.