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Centre Name : Don Bosco Tech - Kollam (FCDP)
Domain : BPO
Employer : Focus Computers, Ernakulam
Designation :  APC Engineer

When we first saw this young dark boy, we never took him as somebody exceptional. He said, “I like to join this course, if only you give me a job”. Job is something which he needs frantically. We were overjoyed at his earnest desire.
He always sat at the first bench, quietly, observing keenly what was being taught. He never tried to disturb class by showing himself as somebody who wanted to know more, but carefully analyzed the portion and he sincerely expressed his views. Vivek completed his SSLC from Govt. H S S, Kollam, passed ITI Electronics and Hardware and Networking. He was ambitious to go for higher studies but his financial situation obstructed him.
He needs money to live and to spend for his family. His father is working abroad and trying to settle here in India. Because of his family needs, he can’t settle here. He can’t earn anything for his family. His mother is living in Mumbai with their relatives. She is working very hard to meet their needs. They need a lot of money for the settlement here.
The pathetic condition of his family put black shadows on his future itself. He likes to go for higher studies, to build up a good career for him and to increase their family status. So he thought of hunting a job at any cost to meet his own needs and to send his brother for higher education.
He had gone for three interviews. Though he was selected for all, he looked for higher opportunity. He was selected as APC Engineer in Focus Computers. They promised to give him free training for a month. Now he is very happy with this job and completed his five months in that firm.
His parents shared their concern and they were content at our project. His vibrant personality added vigor and enthusiasm for his classmates. He was very active in group discussion and presentation. He knew how to express his views boldly and how to lead a discussion.
We all congratulated him for his challenging spirit and his daringness. His responsible nature and aspirations are still remaining afresh in our mind.