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Centre Name : Don Bosco Tech - Sambalpur
Domain : Mushroom Grower
Employer : Self-employed
Designation : Mushroom Grower

Gelima Digal, a 20-year-old from a marginalized socio-economic background in Kalanaju District, Kandhamal, Odisha, has transformed her life thanks to a training program. Despite her family's financial struggles, she managed to complete her studies up to the 10th grade. Her family includes her parents, a brother, and two sisters, all of whom relied on daily wage earnings.

One day, Gelima learned about DB Tech and its skill training program from a friend. The program, in association with Accenture, offers domain-specific training for school and college dropouts. Inspired, Gelima enrolled in the mushroom grower course, Batch 9.

Before the training, Gelima had no idea how impactful skill training could be on her life and career. During the program, she studied various aspects of mushrooms, including their history, parts, growth, nutritional and health benefits, principles of rice straw mushroom cultivation, and oyster production. Gelima was enthusiastic and quick to learn, thoroughly enjoying the training activities.

With the knowledge she gained from both theoretical lessons and practical field visits, Gelima started mushroom cultivation in her backyard with her father's support. This venture brought her significant success and financial improvement. Now, she earns a monthly income of Rs 9,000, which allows her to support her family. Her parents are proud and grateful, with her father expressing that DB Tech has empowered them to be self-sufficient and live with dignity.

Gelima's story is a testament to how skill training can empower individuals to improve their lives and support their families. She is now confident and motivated, standing on her own feet and working towards a better future.