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Centre Name : Don Bosco Tech- Janbazpora
Domain : CRM Domestic Voice
Employer : Kutumbh Care Pvt Ltd
Designation : Jio GigaFiber Engineer

"My success would not have been possible without Don Bosco Tech Society which provided me with all the essentials for the said course without any cost. I was never interested in joining college after I cleared my 12 class examinations. I wanted to do some short-term courses and get a decent job and then Don Bosco Tech Society came as a blessing in my life."

23-year-old Junaid Qadir Sofi hailing from Chakloo Baramulla aspires to get a job right after clearing his 12-class examination from Doabgah higher secondary school. He was clear of his ambitions and made up his mind to join some skill development course, as he did not want to go for higher studies. His father, Abdul Qadir Sofi a farmer, by profession, was the sole bread earner of his family. To share his father's economic burden, Junaid wanted to get a job at the earliest to give a better future to his family, which comprises of his mother, two brothers, and one sister.

Luck struck him while he was exploring some training options- Don Bosco Tech Society caught his attention. It was referred to him by a friend. This organization serves the right purpose to youths like Junaid who are not interested to go to college. It provides short-term training on various skills with employment opportunities. This was just the right thing of what Junaid wanted. He believes that this will be a turning point in his life.

He verified about various courses at Don Bosco Tech Janbazpora center which was supported by DDUGKY, and finally got admitted in CRM and completed his course, in 6 months. He was always a keen learner and a good student, with a bright future ahead waiting for him, Junaid has been dedicated and punctual since the very beginning. He was a blend of hard work and intelligence. Soon after completing his course, Junaid was placed in Kutumbh Care Pvt Ltd (Jio-Giga Fiber) at Khwaja Bagh Baramulla as a Jio GigaFiber Engineer and drew a salary of around 13k at first. With proper exhibitions of his skills, Junaid is now in a better position and earns about 21k per month.

Junaid's proper guidance at Don Bosco Tech Janbazpora center opened doors of success for him at a very young age and becomes a glaring example for many other youngsters in his vicinity. Because of Don Bosco Tech Society, Junaid now has an established carrier and a reputed status in society.