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Centre Name : Don Bosco Tech - Wagoora
Domain : Food and Beverage - Steward
Employer : Barbecue Nation, Bangalore
Designation : Steward

Shafat Nabi is among the students who tried to meet the pinnacles of success and he did. Belonging to a less educated family, his father the only male member in the family is a daily wage worker looking after the entire family. Being a part of economically challenged family, he desired a better life than the one he was living.
Shafat puts his entire journey of success by stating, “Although it was not an easy decision to change the skills of workmanship that we had running down in our family, I took up it as an ordeal and decided to change for good that led me to land myself working for a private enterprise. I worked hard to survive in my school and after completing my school, I was looking for all kind of odd job that would help me to support my family.”
He went further adds, “Meanwhile I came to learn about Himayat from a community gathering organized by Don Bosco Tech near my residence Wagoora. After getting acquainted with the program, I joined the training and I noticed tremendous change in myself after the commencement of the course. I realized my potential and started building my confidence in the field of Hospitality. As per my interest, I got enrolled myself in Hospitality and during the training, I learned several things like dealing with the customers, addressing oneself, personal hygiene and much more.”
“Immediately after completing my 3 months training course, I got placed in Barbecue nation in Bangalore with the monthly salary of Rs. 9000/- as Steward. I am happily continuing with my job and I felt contended with the work I am doing. I am very much thankful to Don Bosco Tech for having provided such a life changing experience with which I could not only bring about a change in my personal life but also in the life of others who were counting on me to be the  of change for them as well. Don Bosco Tech’s future hands-on learning programs not only nurture the minds of youngsters like me but also inspire them to seek for a better life for themselves.”, said Shafat Nabi.