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Centre Name : Don Bosco Tech - Ongole
Domain : Food and Beverage - Steward
Employer : NH-5 Divine
Designation : Front Office Executive

20-year-old Ms. Vijaya is from a rural area nearby Eluru in Andhra Pradesh. Her family completes with five members including her parents and siblings. After her father incurred continuous loss in the business of cotton, he had joined as a farm in the same locality as a daily wage labourer. He hardly manages the expenses of his family with the income he earned, but the education of his children turned to be a burden to him. His wife supported him by all means to avoid a break in the education of their daughters. But the financial crisis took the children from English medium to Telugu medium. The daughters struggled hard to get the minimum education. They were crossed many hurdles at a very tender age.

Finally, Ms. Vijaya could finish her intermediate from a Government college in Ongole. As she could not afford the further studies, she has joined in a small stall next to their home for Rs. 3000/ only. Even though she is happy for getting a small source to help her father but her parents remained in grieve as they wanted to see Vijaya in a dignified position. Once she read a leaflet which was about the free training program offered by Don Bosco Tech Society. She went to her parents and discussed about the same. Initially her parents couldn’t believe that, but later when they met the trainers and inquired further more about the objectives and benefits of the training, they advised Vijaya to quit the current job and join the skill training program conducted by Don Bosco Tech. From the very next day, she started attending the training and seemed to be very enthusiastic in the core domain.

After the completion of the training program she got an opportunity to face the interview with NH-5 Divine. She had presented her best during the interview and got selected as a Front Office Executive for a pay of Rs. 6000 per month which is exactly double of her previous pay. Ms. Vijaya says “Now my happiness knew no bounds. Few months ago I worked for exactly half of the salary which I fetch at present. It is due to DB Tech, my status from under employment turned to exact employment. I am very grateful to Don Bosco Tech and to my trainers.”