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Centre Name : Don Bosco Tech - Purnea
Domain : General Duty Assistant
Employer : HN Reliance Hospital
Designation :  

Monika Kumari is a young woman whose vibrant personality captivates those around her. Reflecting on her childhood, she recalls being mischievous and not particularly inclined towards academics. Growing up in a family of five, with her father, Mr. Yogendra, as the sole breadwinner employed in a shop, financial struggles were a constant reality.

Unfortunately, Monika's family life was marred by her father's frequent conflicts with other family members, which had a profound impact on her temperament, leading her to become somewhat aggressive and unable to focus on her studies. Despite completing her 12th grade, she found herself working odd jobs for a brief period, recognizing the harsh realities of life and her duty towards her family. However, financial constraints continued to hinder her educational pursuits.

Determined to alleviate her family's financial burdens, Monika seized an opportunity upon hearing about DB Tech from Mr. Pramod Kumar, a mobilizer. She enrolled in the training program with the intention of acquiring skills to secure a stable income.

Initially, Monika lacked a clear sense of direction but harbored a strong resolve to better her circumstances. As the training progressed, she gradually honed her focus and dedication, realizing the importance of personal development alongside academic growth. Engaging earnestly in English, computer, and life skills classes, she underwent a transformation, emerging as a composed and disciplined trainee, cognizant of her strengths and weaknesses.

Amidst her uncertainty in selecting a suitable domain, Monika ultimately chose to pursue General Duty Assistant training, guided by thorough sessions conducted by trainers. Throughout the program, she demonstrated exceptional leadership skills, actively participating in class activities and exhibiting genuine enthusiasm for learning.

Upon completion of the training, Monika's efforts bore fruit when she impressed recruiters from Compass, a renowned company with hospital and restaurant chains, during the interview process. Her practical demonstration further solidified her candidacy, leading to her selection. Overjoyed and grateful, Monika found solace in knowing she could now contribute significantly to her family's welfare with a monthly salary of approximately 20,000 rupees.

Looking ahead, Monika harbors ambitious aspirations, aiming to excel in her role at HN Reliance Hospital and fulfill her family's dreams, particularly those of her father, who has endured much hardship. Additionally, she hopes to give back to society by assisting the less fortunate.

Reflecting on her journey, Monika emphasizes the invaluable role DB Tech played in shaping her life, not only by imparting knowledge relevant to her profession but also by bolstering her confidence.

Her message resonates with gratitude for the guidance received, acknowledging the transformative impact of the training program in empowering her to support her family and pursue her ambitions.