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Centre Name : Don Bosco Tech - JVS Palda
Domain : Assistant Beauty Therapist
Employer : PVR Family Saloon
Designation :

Miss Sanjana, a former DB Tech Janvikas Palda student from the 15th batch, has achieved remarkable professional success. Despite initial reservations and distance constraints due to her rural background, she overcame her hesitations and dedicated herself to the skill training program at Janvikas.

Miss Sanjana chose the Assistant Beauty Parlor course and displayed remarkable progress over the three-month program. She exhibited significant improvement in various areas, including communication skills, personality development, and building rapport with others. Through her dedication, she transformed into an obedient and responsible individual, always ready to lend a helping hand to others.

Currently employed at PVR Family Saloon, in Indore,  Madhya Pradesh, Miss Sanjana earns a respectable monthly income of Rs. 11,000/- per month. She considers herself fortunate to be associated with a reputed establishment where she can continuously learn and grow. She expresses her gratitude towards the Aditya Birla Capital Foundation and Don Bosco Tech for instilling values in the trainees and providing them with exceptional training programs. When she visits Don Bosco Tech Palda Centre, she feels a sense of belonging and warmth, as if at home.

Miss Sanjana's journey is an inspiring testament to her dedication and perseverance, as she successfully overcame challenges to forge a prosperous career in the beauty industry. Her story highlights the transformative power of quality training programs and the support offered by organizations committed to empowering individuals.